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Alesha Card Launching Campaign

Ellipse Alesha Card Ellipse

August 12, 2021


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Alesha Group are looking to launch Alesha Card, an exclusive and dedicated privilege card program and a unique platform combining website and mobile application. The card allow cardholders to avail all the offers and privileges from partner stores. Due to Covid 19 restrictions and the severity of the situation no public events were occurring and during such time of difficulties the deadline was approaching without a proper solution. Creating brand awareness and reaching as many as audience with in this very short period of time was pivotal for Alesha Group.


We sat with Alesha’s digital team and discuss various metrics and scopes of the digital launch campaign. And after rapid discussions and decision makings, Alesha Group were interested to run Rich Media Countdown campaign on Banners for 24 hours and Pop-Up Ads for 6 hours prior to the launch. This was a very tricky situation as there were very limited time left to develop the Rich Media Countdown creative and launch the campaign. After sharing their creative with us, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to develop the Rich Media Countdown creative. Our team had to make sure the creative are compatible for both Adfinix platform and publisher websites and that too in various sizes. We also made sure the Publishers get the Rich Media creative in time so they can test and run the Pop-Ads in time without any consequences.


Rich Media (Countdown) Ad Banner Campaign

We started the countdown of the launch through Rich Media Banner Ads 24 hours prior to the launch. As Alesha needed to reach as many audience in such short time, we kept the targeting parameters open so that the campaign can get as many as audiences. It worked beautifully as the campaign generated more than 4 million impression in 24 hours with 82.43% viewability. The campaign also generated above 24 thousand clicks with 0.61% CTR.


The Static campaign generated 93,77,288 impressions with a viewability of 83.79%. It also generated 68,676 clicks with a CTR of 0.73%.









Rich Media (Countdown) Pop-Up Campaign


The Pop-Up campaign started 6 hours prior to the launch on top 6 local publisher’s websites. As both Rich Media Countdown ads were running simultaneously it got a lot attention from the audiences and served around 70 thousand clicks with an impressive 3.53% CTR among 6 publishers. It was very successful individually on both Rich Media Banner and Pop-Up. The campaign created a wave of response collectively.









At the end, the campaign resulted very positive impact on audiences and our ability to come up with a solution to run such campaign along with developing the Rich Media creative in such rush and deliver the outcome expected resulted on a new and adventurous journey between Alesha Group and Adfinix Limited.